Lifestyle Game Changers one can Make Toward Overall Health


By Kathryn Haynes, D.C.

For most of us there are many changes we can make in our lifestyles to be healthier… but what are the biggest game changers?  What dietary changes make the most significant difference between being fit and fat; healthy and unhealthy, “regular” and constipated, pain free and in-pain, just an overall feeling of wellness and not well.

Below are what I believe to be some of the greatest lifestyle changes one can make toward overall health:

1.  DRINK HEALTHY LIQUIDS: clean water, organic teas, and pure coconut water

INGREDIENTS should be crystal clear, from mother earth and say something like:

Ingredients: water

Ingredients: pure coconut water

Ingredients: organic black tea

AVOID the below beverages and ingredients:


-“diet” anything

-sweet tea

-”naturally flavored “anything

-“sugar free” anything

-“flavored” anything

You get the idea.

2.  EAT ANTI-INFLAMMATORY FOODS:  Organic Vegetables, Organic Fruits, Grass Fed Meats, Wild Caught Fish, Organic Nuts and Seeds.

The above food groups from healthy sources (organic, grass fed, wild caught) are great anti-inflammatory sources.  Foods that fall outside of the above food groups OR the above sources are more likely to be inflammatory.

INFLAMMATION CAUSES: sluggish systems, pain, slower/poor digestion, bloating, slower healing, and promotes weight gain.

3.  MOVE

Although “moving” is not necessarily a “dietary” change, it is still incredibly important to our overall health and therefore included in my top 3 lifestyle changes one can make for overall health.  


-burns the sugar that’s in our bloodstream

-reduces stress

-builds and/or maintains muscle

-helps to prevent swelling in ankles and feet

-improves body functions like digestion and blood flow

-and much, much more.

At minimum, move (walk, stretch, etc…) for at least 60 seconds every hour, every day, for as many years as you possibly can.  Ideally, add a 20+ minute workout 3+ days per week.

For overall Health:

1.  Drink Healthy Liquids

2.  Eat Anti-inflammatory foods

3.  Move often throughout the day

“When it comes to your health, we’ve got your back!”