Back Health While Traveling

car driving posture

Back pain is the most common complaint we hear patients talk about.  

Below are a few tips you can follow that can help to prevent and relieve back pain while in a vehicle or airplane.

Posture Tips

  • Use your headrest.  This will help to keep your neck in the proper curve.
  • Use a slight lumbar support.  If your vehicle does not have a lumbar support, use a towel or small pillow.
  • Keep your knees level with each other.

Move it or Lose it

  • Pump your ankles.  Keep your toes on the floor and lift your heels up and down. This pumping motion will help with circulation.
  • Squeeze your knees together.  Squeeze your knees together and hold for 3-5 seconds.  
  • Neck rolls.


  • Bring plenty of fresh water to keep you hydrated.  

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